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What is Pilates?

​Pilates is a system of exercises designed to improve flexibility, strength, posture & overall well being. 


Joseph Pilates believed that physical fitness was the first requisite of happiness. He developed exercises to reverse the effects of the negative consequences society has on us - things that effect us ever so much today: slouching on the couch watching TV, hunched over a computer typing for 9 hours a day, not enough enough time to exercise in general. 


Pilates teaches x, y, & z - beneifts that are not only physical but mental as well. 


Pilates felt that if you dedicated time to mastering these exercises then you would see immediate improvement in yourself. 

Full body workout, engagement of all muscle groups


toning together, increasing 



Everyone has to start somewhere at some point. Is your time now?


What is Pilates?

​Pilates is a system of exercises designed to improve flexibility, strength, posture & overall well-being. 


Joseph Pilates believed that physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness. He felt that society hindered our physical fitness and he developed exercises to correct wrong postures and restore our vitality, as well as invigorate the mind. How many times have you caught yourself slouching on the couch or noticed terrible posture as you type away at your computer all day? Pilates can help with that!


Pilates teaches us concentration, control, centering, flowing movement, precision, & proper breathing - the principles of Pilates and benefits that are not only physical but mental. 

Pilates is a full body workout that engages all muscle groups. It focuses on strengthening the body's muscles uniformly rather than bulking and over developing isolated muscle groups. By developing muscles uniformly, you become more flexible & more aligned.

The benefits?

They are endless! In short, you can expect overall toning and slimming of your body, in addition to increased strength and flexibility - even in just a short amount of time!

Your Pilates practice will leave you feeling in control, energized and with a clear mind. and you'll notice how this translates to other aspects of your life. 


What can Pilates do for your body?


Deanna's very first Pilates class was taken in a classroom. As a high-schooler self-conscious about her body, her mom suggested she try Pilates for its challenging yet simple nature. She loved it, but it was harder than she thought! With almost immediate results, the challenge was well worth it. Her muscles toned without bulking, flexibility increased and she had more energy. Today, it remains the only practice that makes her feel strong, mentally and physically. 

Deanna loves being part of an inclusive, accepting community of people of all shapes and sizes, striving towards self-love. Deanna believes whether you’re a true beginner or experienced in the practice you can find challenge, strength & confidence in yourself.

Deanna is a classically trained Pilates instructor with a love for modern variations. Her priorities are fun, safety and helping her clients achieve their goals. 

Deanna is also a certified Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist through The Pink Ribbon Program, Inc. 

Breast Cancer Post Surgery Rehabilitation



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